Sports & Youth Committee

The Sports & Youth Committee is currently the largest committee in Breckenridge!  We have several volunteers working on several sports for adults and children.   This is one of the most fun committees in Breckenridge.  If you want to be involved in your community, this is the place to be!   This dynamic group is led by Satish Garimlella and Prakash Bhave.  To find out more information or volunteer to help on this committee, please email

The Sports & Youth Committee currently manages the following:

  • Youth Tennis Team
  • Adult Tennis Team (Future)
  • Youth Swim Team
  • Chess Club
  • Spelling Bee (Future)
  • Halloween Parade
  • Annual Christmas Tree & Menorrah Lighting
  • Volleyball Team (Future)
  • Cycling Club (Future)
  • Running Club (Future)

Sports & Youth Committee:

Chair Satish Garimella
Co-Chair: Prakash Bhave
Document/Sign Up Creation & Support: Vidya Ranganathan
Graphic Artist: Neena Rai