Lawn & Appearance Maintenance

Lawn and Appearance Maintenance List

It is the Owner’s responsibility to keep all shrubs, trees and grass neatly trimmed, properly cultivated and free from all trash, weeds, and other unsightly materials. The Owner is also required to maintain the grass located behind fences and on easement property. Flower gardens in existing flower beds or around trees are highly encouraged (at your own cost and maintenance) and do not require Architectural Committee approval.

To help you we have compiled a list of regular maintenance items that needs to be done throughout the year.


  • Power wash siding/gutters/soffits and fascia
  • Power wash driveway and sidewalks/patios/decks
  • Replace missing shutters/ shutter fixings
  • Replace any broken and missing siding
  • Repaint fading shutters and front doors
  • Re-stain decks/fences and play structures
  • Repaint mailbox/re-stain mailbox post
  • Clean gutters


  • Clear fallen leaves from yards (please note the leaves should be bagged up in appropriate bags as set out by the Town of Morrisville waste collection guidelines and placed curbside on yard waste collection day, they SHOULD NOT be blown into the street and left to decompose.)
  •  Cut back trees and bushes that overhang sidewalks
  • Trim shrubs
  • Remove weeds from driveway and pathway joints
  • Re-mulch shrub/flower beds and tree surrounds
  •  Clear weeds/grass from outdoor air conditioner unit stands and mulch beds
  •  Repair lawns
  •  Reseed lawns
  •  Aerate lawns
  • Plant annuals
  • Plant perennials
  •  Keep grass mowed and edges trimmed
  • Remove weeds from lawns, driveways, sidewalks and curbs