Appearance & Lawn Committee

The Appearance & Lawn committee will work together with homeowners to resolve covenant violations by providing realistic suggestions and reasonable local resources and information as sources to the homeowners to resolve issues. The Lawn and Appearance Committee will reward community properties who demonstrate outstanding lawn and aesthetic characteristics.

The committee members are Beth Benjamin (chair), Carolyn Suddaby, and Diane Barrett.   If you would like to volunteer on this committee or find out more about its’ charter, please email

Information from the Committee:

  • Lawn and Home Maintenance

Lawn Service Discounts for Breckenridge Residents

Acres Of Green
Discount Option

Scott’s Lawn Care 
Discount Option 1
Discount Option 2Neighborhood Lawn Service
Discount Option
Ziegler Motion Lawn Care
Discount Option

Approved Stain and Paint Colors (Found at your local Home Depot)

Please note the color of the swatches displayed on your computer monitor may vary.  Please go to Home Depot and pick up a swatch to determine the actual color of the paint/stain.

Exterior Stain Colors for Decks/Fences/Play Structures/Screening
(From the BEHR Premium range of exterior wood stains)

  • Golden Honey T-170
  • Cedar Naturaltone 501/401
  • Red Cedar ST-152
  • Pardre Brown ST-105

Exterior Paint Colors for Shutters and Doors

(From the BEHR Premium Plus range)

Daring Indigo 600D-7
8 oz. #600D-7 Daring Indigo Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Evening Hush 700F-6
8 oz. #770F-6 Evening Hush Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Cinnamon Cherry S-H-140
8 oz. #S-H-140 Cinnamon Cherry Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Bear Rug S-G-790
8 oz. #S-G-790 Bear Rug Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Thorny Branch S-H-780
8 oz. #S-H-780 Thorny Branch Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Black Suede S-H-7908 oz.
#S-H-790 Black Suede Interior/Exterior Paint Sample